Our Story

Buth Bheag Candle Co. was created by partners Jamie and Deenie. Deenie is native to the island and Jamie, originally from Glasgow, has made the Isle of Harris his home over the past 7 years.


Jamie and Deenie have both worked within tourist dependant businesses in the past and knew there was a gap in the market for a car hire facility as the closest one to Tarbert was 40miles away, and so the ‘Isle of Harris Car Hire’ was born. A small shop/office was taken on to house this business located on Main Street, Tarbert.

Candles were one thing that they both immensely enjoyed having in their home but unfortunately there was no one producing any locally. This was viewed as another gap in the market by the entrepreneurial couple and from that ‘Buth Bheag Candle Co’ was created. In its first year the company has gained its very own production unit, various stockists around Scotland and 2 retail outlets. One of which is in Tarbert (above), the other is situated within the departure lounge of Inverness Airport (below).


Both Deenie and Jamie have always shared a love and appreciation of the beauty of Harris and were aware of visitors being blown away by its scenery - particularly by the beaches. This is where the theme of the scent range came from. Now with 5 luxurious scents each named after one of said stunning beaches and all available in a continuously growing range of products.

‘Buth Bheag’ is Gaidhlig for ‘Small Shop’, as the premises for their very first ‘Buth Bheag’ shop is rather small and cosy! The name is not only quite literal but shows a connection to the local Gaidhlig heritage. This connection can also be seen via the Gaelic spelling of the names of each scent.