Buth Bheag Candle Co, Bespoke Candles     

If you would like your customers to have a memento to remember your business by why not create a bespoke candle and diffuser with the team at Buth Bheag Candle Co? With our help, we can ensure a truly unique end product.
We will work with you to create your own personal fragrance and label, although it is also no problem if your own marketing team would prefer to do the design work. Quality is paramount here at Buth Bheag, which means you can be assured that the finished products will be created with the same high standards as our own. 

 Buth Bheag Candle Co, Bespoke

Please note: minimum orders will apply.

If you are interested in creating a bespoke candle with Buth Bheag please get in touch with us on or 01859502768. 
We have served the following clients with our Bespoke Service: